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photoblog image segun arinze

segun arinze

This shot (plus more) was taken for this client

segun arinze

This shot (plus more) was taken for this client

comments (15)

  • tia
  • Baltimore, MD
  • 27 Jun 2008, 00:19
I remember this. It was a fun shoot. I like the lighting.
DrAW!: thanks dear
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 27 Jun 2008, 04:22
An intriguing choice of background. Good thinking, especially for a publicity shot!
DrAW!: thanks a lot martin
  • Stan
  • 27 Jun 2008, 06:32
C'mon man! The eyes man! Sigh....
DrAW!: ok suby, you can stop using stan's id now
  • Stan
  • 27 Jun 2008, 06:33
Sigh..okay you need to remove some of the red tint off his face. Aslo to be honest really, the expression doesn't cut it for a publicity shot.
DrAW!: seriously sir, what have you done with the real stan
the real stan usually has more tact when making negative comments
and the real stan knows that i know when a subject is tinted red
the whole concept is about 'seeing red'/'don't mess with me'/'tough guy'
when we pose them without expressions, they complain...
when we pose them moody they complain...
ok we'll try mirthful next time sheesh!
He says jump...I say "how high" This is a very strong picture...cuddly he isn't!
DrAW!: thanks bill
Okay thats it, from now on will only comment how fantastic your work is as it seems some people prefer to be told how amazing their work ALWAYS is.

So here goes...

Wow, nice sharp image, this is a strong picture.
DrAW!: no you don't get off that easy

the issue is not the negative comments but the attitude with which one give's them

as much as i'd gotten fond of your attitude (which is acceptable if truly you don't get offended easily by others' comments), i wasn't used to it coming from stan.
nobody, not even you, nitpicks as much as stan does and i appreciate his being brutal with me (maybe not with others, say beginners)
you've got to face it man, you do have a reputation for your comments on shutterchance, one i would be proud to have

so please feel free to say your gut feeling, though it would be better if you could sugar coat it for the sake of our egos (or at least the egos of my subjects).

bad comment is better than no comment (or even false comment) any day

but please help with your bad comments, say what exactly can be improved, don't just leave us with the feeling that we don't measure up
  • Stan
  • 27 Jun 2008, 08:34
LMAO. I'm much more brutal with my friends than strangers. The stories Jide could tell you... Rethinking that friendship now aren't you? wink
DrAW!: nah
bad comments are welcome (my mind say's so and my ego will get over it eventually wink)
your's was a drastic change that was all
had to be sure the body snatchers hadn't gotten you

ps. i can react violently to brutal comments for the same reason...cos you're my friend smile
I like the photo but did he have to have that expression? I'm asking that in anticipation for the weblink. I want to know what they plan to use this picture for (curiousity). His skin is a bit too red.
DrAW!: there were many many shots, with all sorts of playful expressions

i liked the light and shadow on this one

the red was to give it a somewhat monochrome appearance
some see that as a negative tho

if i had this to do again i'd simply reduce the overall saturation (if not make it monochrome) and not necessarily change the hues
  • Scarlet
  • Netherlands
  • 27 Jun 2008, 12:07
LOL, I'm almost scared to put in my 2 cents in here, but I'll risk it: Yes it's a bit reddish but I just thought that was part of the plan. I actually noticed the suit first. It looks like it's too big for him.
DrAW!: please please never be scared to put in your 2 cents

the drama with me, stan and suby is waaay friendlier than appears

thanks for the input, i was a little scared about the suit too
Wow, DrA.W., words are flying all over the place here!!!
I am not a professional, but I can tell you that I like very much this portrait. The suit seems over-sized, so what's the matter, this man might have very large shoulders!
Isn't perfection quite subjective?
All the best
DrAW!: thanks richard smile
too reddish Doc.....
DrAW!: that was the whole idea
was going for a monochromish thingy

never fear though, don't think i'll be trying this in a while grin
  • funkr
  • US
  • 3 Jul 2008, 19:23
Nice pic. I like shutter chance, but the level of criticism is not needed. a picture might be artistic to one person , and maybe something else to someone else. i believe people should be careful in the way they correct others because the photographer took time to edit the pics. i have been to other personalized blogs. i see people giving their opinion but in a more respectable way.
DrAW!: thanks funkr

actually those giving the tough comments are my friends grin
they wouldn't try it with strangers
  • Don Harris
  • Washington DC (USA)
  • 5 Jul 2008, 01:07
Fantastic portrait!
DrAW!: thanks don smile
  • SuRi
  • United States
  • 20 Jul 2008, 13:06
I can see the concept 'seeing red'/'don't mess with me'/'tough guy' but also see a little fear. I like the tone and color.
DrAW!: thanks SuRi
i particularly liked this one too
Very nice portrait! Colors (yes I like the stronger reds), toning, the highlight on his head: all very well done.

Even the expression is very unique, most be people are afraid to shoot such moods. I have the feeling it shows an inner aspect of this man.

The only improvement in my opinion is to make it in portrait mode instead of landscape. Mostly because the red material on the left side might be disturbing.
DrAW!: thanks a lot for the detailed comment lightning smile

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